Are you craving potato chips?

Are you craving potato chips?

Look for fruit that is similar to what you are craving. Are you craving potato chips? Try a crispy apple. How about a chocolate bar? Maybe try a fresh strawberry with a little bit of natural dark chocolate. Want something a little sweeter? Peel an orange. You do not feel like peeling anything? Try a handful of grapes.

The next problem can be boredom. There are hundreds or thousands of different types of junk foods at every grocery store but only a handful Not sure of different fruits that most people enjoy. Make a commitment to trying new things. If you enjoy oranges look for clementines, tangerines, or even a tangelo if you have a real sweet tooth. Try blackberries instead of strawberries or maybe even go a little more exotic and look for kiwis or pluots. Maybe even consider exploring outside of the grocery stores. Look for local farmers’ markets, produce stands, or even Asian or other ethnic markets.

We all have a sweet tooth from time to time. Rather than ignoring these cravings or finding processed junk food that is full of refined sugars and artificial chemicals, learn to eat fruits. Be sure to keep them around rather than candy, chips, and other foods you are avoiding. And learn to try new things. With practice, you will learn to crave fruit rather than hard candy.

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