Card Counting the Lucky Nines Baccarat Side Bet

Card Counting the Lucky Nines Baccarat Side Bet

Card Counting the Lucky Nines Baccarat Side Bet

At times a side wager tags along that predominates the others as far as its card tallying helplessness. Such was the situation with the Slingo Bonus Bet 21 side wager for blackjack. At the point when I read about the Lucky Nines (LN) baccarat side wager on the Wizard of Vegas site, I quickly understood that it may be the most helpless baccarat side wager I’ve seen. Indeed, it might be the most powerless side wagered, period. This wager pays dependent on the all out number of nines in the initial four cards managed to the Banker and Player hands, with rewards for fit nines. Instinctively, a straightforward nines check ought to be more than satisfactory to squash this wager.

There is a trick, notwithstanding. This side wager isn’t accessible for customary baccarat. Rather, LN is the exclusive property of the Slovenian organization Interblock. It is right now just accessible on their electro-mechanical eight-deck baccarat, as showed in this video:

In this magazine article in the February, 2012 issue of Casino Journal, Interblock expressed that:

“Our blackjack and baccarat games presently have another highlighted side wagered called Lucky Aces and Lucky Nines,” O’Brien said. “This extra side wager will build the arrival for the administrator of an extra hold somewhere in the range of 4 percent to 6 percent without changing unique game-play for blackjack or baccarat.”

There gives off an impression of being a lot of energy to bring LN into creation.

We should move onto the game itself. Subsequent to making a bet on LN, the initial four cards of the baccarat hand are managed. By inspecting those four cards, the LN bet is settled. The payouts are:

Four nines pays 1000-to-1

Three nines, same suit, pays 500-to-1

Three nines, unique suits, pays 35-to-1

Two nines, same suit, pays 16-to-1

Two nines, unique suits, pays 5-to-1

One nine of precious stones pays 2-to-1

One nine, club, heart, spade, pays 1-to-1

All others lose

Here is the combinatorial examination:

Fortunate nines, 8 deck combinatorial examination


The house edge is 8.273%

The hit recurrence is 29.485%

The standard deviation is 7.209%

The accompanying table gives the impact of expulsion (EOR) for each card. Note the huge EOR for nines, specifically for the nine of jewels. Expelling a solitary nine from the shoe moves the edge towards the house by over 3.3%. Expelling any non-nine from the shoe moves the edge towards the player by about 0.38%.

fortunate nines, EOR

The decent card checking framework I tried that gave the best return has the accompanying labels:

A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, T, J, Q, K = +1

Any nine = – 12

I tried a couple of frameworks that gave a marginally higher tag to the nine of jewels. Be that as it may, these frameworks didn’t enhance the arrival given by the straightforward framework above.

The accompanying table gives the aftereffects of utilizing this mean something negative for LN. These outcomes were gotten by a reenactment of one hundred million (100,000,000) eight-deck shoes, with the cut card put at the customary area of 14 cards from the end.

fortunate nines (100M rounds)

An AP who bets $100 on the LN side wager each time the genuine check is +4 or higher can hope to make the LN wager on 28.14% of the hands. His normal edge when he makes the LN wager will be about 25.10%. The AP will acquire about $574 per shoe.

By examination, playing the Dragon side wager in EZ Baccarat, the AP hopes to acquire about $60 per shoe. It follows that LN returns 857% more than the Dragon side wager. The nearest baccarat side wager to LN in helplessness is the Easy Six side wager that profits about $89 per shoe. For this situation, LN returns 545% more than Easy Six. These examinations clarify that LN is uncommonly defenseless against card tallying.

The most defenseless bet in the Slingo blackjack side wager is to wagered on a seller 21. That wager pays 19-to-1 if the vendor has blackjack. Out of all the different Slingo alternatives, this is the bet of decision for a performance card counter. The benefit per 100 hands for this Slingo AP is 4.94 units. By examination, for the AP who is focusing on LN, the benefit per 100 hands is 7.06 units. Given the sped up for Interblock’s baccarat because of the computerized component, the solo AP will show signs of improvement result against LN than against Slingo.

One potential approach to secure LN is to diminish the entrance through the shoe. The accompanying table gives the card tallying measurements for LN for cut card situations from 14 cards to 208 cards (4 decks) utilizing the card checking framework given previously. Each line in this table was made by a recreation of twenty million (20,000,000) eight-deck shoes.

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