I’ve actually referred tons people to therapy over the years. Many have ignored it (especially men…). Some have gone. a couple of have come and thanked me for recommending it to them. It’s hard to mention needless to say who needs it and who doesn’t. Therapy is one among those tricky things, like most self-development tools, because it’s rarely ever a nasty thing to try to to . One could argue that everybody needs therapy in some form or another or for a few period of your time . But i might only recommend it if you are feeling you aren’t ready to handle your emotional issues on your own and have tried for a short time .

Depressed man by a window

Here are some signs you’ll want to think about therapy:

You have emotional or sexual impulses you don’t have control over: angry outbursts, fear of intimacy, sexual anxiety, bouts of depression, etc.
You come from a difficult childhood, had absent parents or a poor relationship together with your parents.
You’ve suffered some major traumas in your life (death of loved ones, abuse, major health problems, etc.).
You have compulsive behaviors which interfere with other areas of your life: i.e., drug/alcohol abuse, etc.
Most of the relationships in your life are dysfunctional and/or unhealthy (always fighting, many blame/guilt, etc.). This includes friendships, significant others, relations .
You are overly pre-occupied with one aspect of your life. Common examples include: obsession with being “cool” or popular, obsession with impressing others, constant need for approval from others, even obsessing about improving yourself (feeling like you’re never good enough), etc.
In the end, therapy is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it might be the difference between a healthy and happy life and a life filled with agonizing crapfests. I prefer the previous myself.

(Cover image: “(Rorschach) II” by dailyinvention) is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

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