El-Dina items

El-Dina items

ou may not perceive the name however you’ve certainly appreciated some makan items on account of them! ELLAZiQ is a neighborhood brand Halalmak that has been around for over 10 years! They are behind huge numbers of the brands we appreciate today. I’m discussing makan stuff you purchase from markets and accommodation stores constantly!

Have you ever had El-Dina items like Dendeng and (my unsurpassed top choice) Chicken Meat Loaf otherwise known as lunch get-together meat? What about their meat items like Sliced Pepperoni, Honey Baked Turkey Ham and grouped hotdogs ­čśÇ Well, that is only a glimpse of something larger! I haven’t began the other brand under the care of them like Kizmiq and Heng’s!

In any case, i should begin you all off with one of the most well known?

I’m discussing DENDENG!!! ­čśÇ

You all expertise much I love Dendeng right?? I’m generally glad to test as much Dendeng as possible and El-Dina has 2 distinct sorts for you to browse!

They have a Dendeng Ayam Pedas for all you zesty darlings out there. I went with the exemplary Dendeng Lembu for a first attempt and it was acceptable! The kind of the flavors is additional striking ­čöą Totally restored my longings for Dendeng LOL

Each pack of El-Dina Dendeng is about 500gm. I don’t think about you yet I could eat 500gm all alone ­čśŤ The most ideal route is to flame broil your Dendeng however on the off chance that that is not helpful, at that point can generally sear or put a couple of cuts in your air fryer! The central matter is that it’s helpful and you can settle that yearning you have for a decent Dendeng fix ­čśÇ

My first historically speaking experience with the El-Dina brand ended up being one of my preferred things ever from ANY brand. Their Chicken Meat Loaf is the Halal response to lunch meeting meat and I completely love it!

There are endless approaches to appreciate it! A standout amongst other is to appreciate a couple of cuts with your moment noodles ala HK style. It’s SO SHIOK lah I let you know. Super solace nourishment for me! Wanna make burger/sandwich additionally can. I would likewise suggest cutting it up into little 3D shapes and toss it in a blend of prepared beans FUYOH I’m making myself hungry!

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