Espresso Pod Brewing Tips

Espresso Pod Brewing Tips

Do you love espresso? Maybe you went out and bought a new espresso pod brewer and want to insure you are making the best cup of brew that you can. The below tips can help you make the best cup possible and make it consistently:

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Always make sure that your equipment is clean. After every use, rinse out the pod holder and any other removable parts on your unit. Every 2-3 months (depending upon use), do a more thorough clean internally to remove scale and minerals. Don’t forget to remove the spray head as it commonly comes in contact with coffee and can become dirty as a result.
Use fresh cold water. This water should not be distilled, but if you have water quality problems at your home, consider at least getting a charcoal filter for your kitchen sink. These are also available in pitchers and add-ons for your refrigerator water dispenser. This filter will remove the majority of the impurities that can make your coffee taste or smell bad.
Manufactures use different coffee beans and different pods sizes. Experiment with different types to find the ones that you like best. This is up to your personal taste. Also remember that just because you love espresso from Starbucks or Caribou, it may taste different when brewed at home. Use a little larger pod (with the same amount of water) for a stronger flavor.
If your brewer has a lever to vary the amount of water used, make sure you are not using too much water in an attempt to make the resulting espresso weaker. Over-extracting the beans can draw out an unwanted bitter taste from the beans.
Fresh coffee always gives the best results. Store your espresso pods in an air tight container in a cool dry locations. DO NOT store them in the freezer or refrigerator as they will absorb the flavors from the other foods. Plus, the freezer will tend to dry the pods out even further than preferred.

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