Fun With Flirty Girl Fitness

Fun With Flirty Girl Fitness

A friend asked me if I had seen the ads for Flirty Girl. She was thinking of ordering the DVDs and wanted my input. As soon as I watched a couple of short clips on the internet, I wanted to find out more. Then, we both decided to order the DVDs. I have always loved to dance and figured it was well worth the small amount of money to get the results.

Why I Like The Videos:

This system is lots of fun, and doesn’t contain repetitive, boring routines. It may or may not burn more fat than some other exercises you might do, but it really targets my core, legs, butt and hips. In my normal exercise class we have to listen to awful African type music, that’s loud and goes on and on till I feel like telling the instructor to “Shut It Off!”. These DVDs have fun, upbeat music that takes my mind off the hard work.

I haven’t had my DVDs very long, but I can tell you it’s fun! And it certainly is giving me a good workout. My stomach is getting flatter, and I’m wearing pants that I’ve had in my spare bedroom closet for a couple of years. I’ve got a ways to go, but so far this is great. The tenth day is coming up; it will be interesting to see how much I’ve lost around my middle. It’s going to be at least an inch. It would take me months to do that by going to my exercise class three days a week.

Dance Yourself to A Lean, Beautiful Body

The DVDs take music and dance moves from clubs, music videos and exotic dancing and turns them into a real fat-burning workout. When I was in high school we used to have dances every week. I was slender, fit and had a tight body and great butt. At the time I didn’t realize how much the dancing played a part in keeping my body in great shape.

Dancing to the music, with or without a chair or pole, is lots of fun and very effective. I didn’t even think about the cardio aspects, or the strength training that it provides. And the flexibility that it is giving me is a big bonus. I still go to exercise class a couple of times a week, and I’m able to stretch out so much easier now. The ligaments in my arms and legs are starting to loosen up and allow my body to get a better stretch, and a better workout in class.

What’s The Bottom Line?

If you want to try pole dancing you could order a removable pole, too. That’s not for me, but I can see how a younger woman would want to try it. It takes a lot of strength to do some of the pole dance routines, and works out your arms and shoulders really well. My shoulders are a little too old to try out the pole, but if I was younger…

I’m going to recommend the Flirty Girl [] videos to my friends in the “slackers corner” this week. If I was younger I’d suggest we exercise to the DVDs together. That would really be fun. But, since we’re all over 50, I think I’ll just keep doing this by myself.


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