How to Dress for a Day in the Snow

How to Dress for a Day in the Snow

Just because it’s winter and cold doesn’t mean you have to hibernate inside. Dressing properly for cold weather can keep you comfy all day long and able to enjoy yourself outside whether its on the ski hill, ice skating, sledding, snowmobiling or just taking a walk. The right clothes can make the difference between a fun day and a miserable one.

Layers are the key to dressing comfortably in the cold. Multiple layers that you can take on and off are much more versatile for play in the snow. You can remove or unzip a layer when you’re working hard and or enjoying the extra heat of the sun midday. An extra layer can be added when the sun goes behind the clouds and your relaxing and not generating so much body heat.

The layer closest to your skin should be lightweight and be able to wick the moisture from your body. Man-made materials like polypro are good choices for your skin layer. A turtleneck and leggings work well. You can also get shorter leggings, like long shorts that fit close to your skin. You’ll be surprised at how warm a light layer next to your skin can keep you.

Cotton is a bad choice for this layer as it just absorbs moisture and holds it near your skin and you will chill easily. Think about the last time you played in the snow in blue jeans and how wet and stiff and cold they got! The snow was absorbed into those jeans and froze there, right?

The middle layer can be more than one layer, depending on your plans for the day and how cold it is. If its really really cold I’ll wear a silk or polypro singlet next to my skin and then a turtleneck over it and then work on the next layer. Wool or polar fleece pullover and pants work well for this layer. Both wool and polar fleece have a lot of loft which traps air keeping you warmer.

Your outer layer needs to be water and wind proof, pants and jacket. They can be lightweight but need to be sturdy to stand up to some abuse. Pants and jackets in materials such as Gortex are plentiful and come in variety of styles and prices.

The one feature I have in all my outerwear is zippers. I like to have the versatility of unzipping the sides of my pants for ventilation as well as having pit and back zips in my jackets. These are great to have open when you’re working hard and easy to zip back up when the temperature drops or you’re riding the lift. They make maintaining your body temp easy to do.

The other parts of your outer layers need to be a hat or helmet, neck gaiter or scarf, goggles or sunglasses, and gloves or mittens. A lot of heat is lost through your head and a hat or helmet will go a long way in keeping your feet warm!

Helmets today come with vents that you can open and close to regulate the temperature so that they keep you comfortable on icy days as well as warmer ones. Hats, of course, come in a huge variety. One thing to look for if you are buying a wool hat is a comfort band – usually polar fleece – to keep the hat from getting too itchy around your forehead.

Sunglasses are great for sitting on the deck but not so great for keeping you warm on the mountain. Good goggles like the Bolle Simmer are the ticket for that. They not only help you see better, but also keep your face warmer in cold temps.

I haven’t discussed socks or mittens or boots, save those for another day as they play a big part in keeping you warm and dry in the snow as well. These are a few suggestions to keep you comfy outdoors in the winter. Cold weather doesn’t need to keep you inside if you dress right for it and cold weather gear doesn’t have to be bulky and uncomfortable to keep you warm with all the lightweight man-made materials available today.

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