Just What Is Speed Dating?

Just What Is Speed Dating?

There is a fairly new dating trend that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. It is called speed dating. Just what is speed dating? How does it work?

Before we define speed dating, and so as to speed dating have a better understanding, let’s first try and trace its origins.

The now very popular dating method is said to have actually started years ago in Jewish communities in the Middle East. In the USA, credit goes to Rabbi Yaacov Deyo. The Rabbi intended this dating method as way for Jewish people to meet in areas where they were outnumbered by non-Jews.

Speed dating can be defined as an organized matchmaking event whose purpose is for people to meet other people (potential spouses) in large numbers. This is the beauty of speed dating: everyone is actively seeking a mate.

Couples rotate from station to station every few minutes (about eight minutes) and meet a new potential mate at each station. Each dater takes turns asking the other person at their station questions until the clock expires and then they move onto the next station. Each dater takes notes on each date so they can sort of who they do or do not want to see again after the speed dating session.

The time limit serves a dual purpose. It prevents getting too engrossed in a conversation with one particular person and also prevents getting stuck with someone you don’t like.

No phone numbers are exchanged directly. Nor is one allowed to ask another out. This is in order to avoid a face to face rejection. An atmosphere of fun and enjoyment is encouraged. Arguing is prohibited. This is one unique feature about speed dating.

At the end of the event, each participant submits a list of people they would like their contacts given to. The organizer then looks for matches – if two people want to share their contact information, there is a match. Matching is done after the event, to avoid facing rejection.

Those in favor of speed dating claim it is a much better, cheaper and safer method of meeting people than going into a bar. They also point out that it is much more efficient than other dating services, such as online dating, since you meet each person face-to-face and can gather information on them quickly. Also, physical attraction – or chemistry – is much easier to judge in person than it is simply looking at pictures online.

Most speed dating services charge between $25 and $60 per person. The fee normally includes a couple of free drinks or a meal or snacks. Most speed dating sessions have between 50 and 150 participants, half male and half female. Lesbian and gay events do exist also.

Critics of speed dating claim that you are forced to spend your time on “dates” with people you are not attracted to and have no interest in, wasting both your time and money. Of course it’s only a few minutes and if you end up meeting that special at an event, it is well worth it.

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