Over the span of the examinations, further corruptive practices

Over the span of the examinations, further corruptive practices


were uncovered by another business visionary, Cristian Summa; for the unlawful portion of roughly 200,000 euros of metropolitan assets according to extend exercises planned for advancing the travel industry in the city of Pescara, web agency pescara primarily packed in the Christmas time frame.

Additionally for this situation, there were gifts of cash and different advantages (installment of costs for printing appointive “heavenly cards” and suppers) to the three government officials required, on the event of the constituent crusades where they took part.

Also, it developed that Di Pietrantonio, already, had utilized the then metropolitan councilor Di Carlo to pressurize so as to ensure the assignment of financing to the tasks introduced by Cristian Summa, who might then have returned aggregates and advantages to be designated to their political race.

During the examination, instances of clientelist employing in an open organization likewise rose. Specifically, it developed that an open rivalry at the Pescara ASL was “steered” by Moreno Di Pietrantonio, clinical overseer of a similar ASL, additionally a legislator, as resident secretary of a gathering, to ensure Simona Di Carlo, as of now councilor of the Municipality of Pescara and an up-and-comer with the equivalent in the city races, the arrangement of a brief regulatory partner, for a term of three years.

In the opposition declaration, the arrangement of portraying and explicit prerequisites was presented, controlled by the champ of the opposition, with the conviction that she could be the just one to hold them.


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