Profiting From Affiliatizing People Searches on the Web

Profiting From Affiliatizing People Searches on the Web

About 30% of all searches on Google, MSN and Yahoo are “people-search” related and growing. Having your own automated people finder service allows YOU to profit from this exploding niche by giving people the results they are searching for how to make money with pay per install.

Some Affiliate programs will advertise your search engine for free so that it appears in the search results of Google, MSN and Yahoo for Free. Your link can also be accessible on the web under its own domain name. You can also learn how to advertise your site using other free services like ezine and paid ones.

Here are some ways you can make money…

* Click Bank pays up to about $30 every time someone uses search links on your search engine to find results.

* Reunion ( a people search service) will also pay you a commission simply for referring leads plus 25% of all resulting sales

* HD Publishing (back ground checks) will pay you $20 every time someone uses links on your search engine to do background checks

* Your search engine will be able to offer access to billions of current addresses and phone numbers so you can also profit from the huge demand. With access to billions of public records your search engine reassures visitors its the real deal compelling them to buy and earning your commissions. You earn commissions by giving away Free people search results!

* Auto response systems can be set up with your links for follow-ups. Over time this can build a huge residual income stream for you.

* Google will also pay you when visitors click on AdSense ads on your search engine

You can set up your search engine in about 15 minutes, with NO special web skills required.

Find out how to set up your own search site and affiliatize it []. I am seasoned internet marketer who has found out that you don’t have to be a guru to make money online. I advise people to take the time to learn a few simple tricks such as placing articles on e zine to bring traffic to their websites. That’s all it takes and its really about helping people who in turn help us succeed.

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