Society program

Society program




Linköpings universitet, has a Science, Technology, and

Society program which consolidates HST.[16]


Switzerland        technology


School of Bern, has a student and a graduated class program in the History and Philosophy of Science.[17]




State University of Infrastructure and Technologies, has a Department of Philosophy and History of Science and technology.[18]


Joined Kingdom


School of Kent has a Center for the History of the Sciences, which offers Masters tasks and student modules.[19]


School London’s Department of Science and Technology Studies offers student program in History and Philosophy of Science, including two BSc single honor degrees (UCAS V550 and UCAS L391), notwithstanding both major and minor streams ever, hypothesis and social examinations of science in UCL’s Natural Sciences program. The division similarly offers MSc degrees in History and Philosophy of Science and in the examination of contemporary Science, Technology, and Society. A MPhil/PhD research degree is offered, too.[20] UCL also contains a Center for the History of Medicine.[21] This works a bit of demonstrating program in History of Medicine.


School of Oxford has a one-year graduate course in ‘History of Science: Instruments, Museums, Science, Technology’ related with the Museum of the History of Science.[22]


School of Leeds has both student and graduate undertakings in History and Philosophy of Science in the Department of Philosophy.[23]


School of Manchester offers student modules and postgraduate assessment in History of Science, Technology and Medicine and is upheld by the Wellcome Trust.[24]


School of Bristol has a specialists and PhD program in the Philosophy and History of Science.[25]


School of Cambridge has a school class and a gigantic supervisors and PhD program in the History and Philosophy of Science (checking the History of Medicine).[26]


School of Durham has a couple of student History of Science modules in the Philosophy division, similarly as Masters and PhD programs in the discipline.[27]


London Center for the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology – this Center

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