The emotional knots developed between a parent and child

The emotional knots developed between a parent and child

We learn a great deal from our parents. I’m sure you’ve heard someone vow how they would never bring up their kids the way their parents raised them. Well more often than not the way their parents raised them will influence the way they bring up their own child. If you have learned to resist your parents, you will teach your child how to resist without even knowing it.

The emotional knots developed between a parent and child can be untied by you. The struggling parents hold their end of the rope and by working to free themselves from the emotions they can produce miracles in their relationship with their children.

A dad who doesn’t see his daughter because it is too painful, because his love for her is so strong, and feels he has been an ‘unworthy’ father, only needs to realize that the knot that is in him is costing his daughter or son much joy. It onthisnewmorning is knotted in them as well and untying it allows the flow of freedom and joy. It does not mean there must be close ties between one another but there should be a peace between one another, knowing the love is there. That is the beginning and from that point on you can move in a more joyful direction. That is a wise aim.

You can even be in prison and maybe never have the possibility of seeing or even speaking to your child again but you can allow yourself to give up focusing on the identity self, that piece in the game, the Scotty Dog if you will, and focus instead on the joy of life. Who you are as your divine self is the joy and love and kindness that is at the heart of why you can even feel as you do.

Your ability to do so will inevitably show your child the wisdom in raising children in an authentic way. It can demonstrate the hands on life experience that letting go of ones unworkable choices in life are better than carrying self blame and resentment. These are usually very powerful emotions as they are rooted in the deepest love one can experience, the love between children and their parents.

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