Tips On How To Play Power Chords

Tips On How To Play Power Chords

Technically speaking, power chords cannot be called as true chords because they only have two notes unlike normal chords which use at least three notes. Thus, they are sometimes called “power intervals”. However, they are not necessarily Power Chords inferior to normal chords. They usually sound better than normal chords in certain music styles, like songs that use distortion, because they are less messy. They produce a more coherent, rich and powerful sound than normal chords played in distortion. Furthermore, they produce more harmonics than that of normal chords. That is why they sound best when accompanied by special effects like the overdrive and mega distortion. So aspiring rock stars should start learning how to use power chords now.

Another advantage of using power chords over normal chords is its flexibility. They are a lot more flexible and easier than normal chords. They can easily move from one chord to another because when moving from one chord to another, only the two notes, the root and the fifth, are moved along the fret board requiring minimal movement of the arms and fingers. They can easily be played by beginners and can be used without worrying whether the chord being played is a minor or a major because it is neither. This is because there is no third note when using power intervals and the third note determines whether a chord is a minor or major.

Music is always evolving. There are new styles, special effects, and tricks that are continually introduced. As more people learn to embrace punk rock, hard rock, and heavy metal, power intervals are becoming more and more popular. That is why many people who play the guitar are trying to learn how to use them. Learning to use them is very easy. Sometimes, beginners tend to learn to use them faster than learning to use the normal chords. When using power intervals, only three fingers are used; one for the root note, another for the octave of the root note, and another for the 5th note. Only these three notes, using only three strings in a guitar, are played when using power intervals while the rest of the strings are kept mute. This makes it easy for guitarists to move around the fret board quickly. In certain cases, guitarists prefer to use only the root note and the 5th note when using power intervals, producing a more “bassy” sound and making it even easier to play. Power chords are very easy to learn but learning how to play the guitar using normal chords must come first and never be neglected.

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