What are the Advantages of Using iPhone?

What are the Advantages of Using iPhone?

There are many smartphones available in the market. Each one has an advantage and disadvantage. Suppose you are trying to buy a new smartphone. Then it is a very big decision because you will use it for a long time. Many people want to buy a smartphone which they can use it for long. But you have to decide between Android and iPhone operating system. So first you should know which is suitable for you. Now you will see what the advantages of buying a smartphone are.

Easy to use and Consistency

The iPhone from Apple (apple stock) has a very simple interface. Even a small kid and a normal person can understand what it is. And every iPhone works the same only. If you see Android, there will be many different launchers. But the iPhone has only one. And they have not built a new one. So that people will not be confused. In iPhone, if you want to search online about anything. You just have to first unlock your phone with fingerprint sensor or password or anything, after unlocking swipe left. You will be in a search engine from where you can easily search whatever you want.

 And the best part is that your privacy will not be leaked. This is a very good advantage of the iPhone, which offers to the users. In Android, you have to launch the Google app; then only you can search. The method in Android is that you can swipe up to launch Google search engine. But first, you have to enable it in the setting menu.

Microsoft Office 365 Support

The version which the iPhone user uses in MS office, the same version in windows Phone users, are using. So there is no difference between the versions. But Android will not get a version of MS office. The best part is that MS office 364 is supported in the iPhone and Windows Phone. But what will the Android user do because it is not available in Android smartphones? iPhone users can access or edit whatever they want. It is upto iPhone users. In MS office, they can use MS word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint and all the supported MS things.


Fewer Security Breaches

Android users get much freedom. And the iPhone user will not get like Android users. But when they give freedom for Android then can get malicious content. Many Android phones have malicious content. By this, they can steal personal information of Android users. And virus attack also happens. But on the iPhone, you are saved from bad things. You can check its releases at https://www.webull.com/releases/nasdaq-aapl if you want to buy amazon stock.

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